About me….

Hi, having been an actor for over 25 years I have a great love of, and affinity with, words and poetry. I love painting pictures with words and many pictures can be created from the same words depending on how those words are read or performed. This is why I find being a voice artist so exciting.

From an early age I’ve been doing commentaries and ‘voiceover’, not that I really knew it at the time, as from the age of 6 or 7,  I was always one of the two or three asked to do a reading at the school’s carol concerts. This continued at my other schools and where a narrator or announcer was required for a production, I was given the job. Fast forward 15 years, I was appearing in a Christmas show – the largest in the UK and the director asked the producer to do a brief religious reading. Although a very experienced opera singer, he didn’t feel comfortable appearing as ‘himself’. The producer happened to call me at home and on hearing my answerphone message thought that I would be ideal for the job and the rest is history.

I was in this show for over 10 years, ended up directing other actors in drama pieces, and also providing the front of house safety and show announcements. Since becoming a voice artist, I have built up a small clientele all around the world.  One of my most exciting jobs was being asked to do a promo for a new ‘Warhammer’ game by Fantasy Flight Games in the US.

More recently I’ve loved narrating ‘In The Night Garden’ for their toy play series.

Nowwhat can I do for you ?

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